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We are a competitive sport club – with our swimmers competing at all levels from local team galas.


In Oxygen Club are organized single and team diving classes for all ages – kids, teenagers or seniors.

Open water

Our swimmers have the highest percentage of overall improvement in all strokes.


The private lessons programme consists of one 30 min. session per week in private pool.



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The end for a great tournament in front crawl14nov
The end for a great tournament in front crawl
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Diving into the water is as much fun as swimming13nov
Diving into the water is as much fun as swimming
Discerning the various types seems difficult to the untrained eye with the divers twisting and turning quickly before splashing into the water. Breaking each dive into simple elements not only makes performing each dive easier but also enhances your experience.
List of all body positions and elements in diving12nov
List of all body positions and elements in diving
Swimmers may dive from a springboard or a platform. You may incorporate various positions into basic dive groups to create new elements. For example, you can perform a reverse dive in a pike position by standing at the edge of the board, facing the water.
Oxygen Club historic triumphs in 90’s11nov
Oxygen Club historic triumphs in 90’s
Batting average base passed ball wild pitch second base home leather. Pennant ground ball national pastime dead ball era sweep extra innings grass extra innings. Backstop rope bases loaded pull bench, airmail cubs relay away. Pennant loogy contact loss.

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De naam Hieronymus doet je misschien denken aan een Griekse god, maar niets is minder waar. Had onze oprichter een an­dere voornaam gehad, dan had de vereniging die naam gekregen.

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De zwem- en waterpolovereniging in Roosendaal sinds 1946.

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